just a thought: #4

by iren monkey

some things are better left unsaid. and sometimes, those “some things” are apologies, alibis, and answers. the moment you realize that talking about something won’t necessarily turn circumstances around is the moment you acknowledge that you’re doing nothing but reopening healing wounds. it took me most of my life to accept that. communication isn’t always verbal — sometimes non-verbal communication will speak loads more about a subject and will have a higher probability of ending cordial…most especially after a painful goodbye. there is just no use in reminding yourself of unpleasant phases of your life that you should have long left in the past. unless you’re not ready to cut the proverbial cord, there should be no reason for further correspondence. this is not about the inability to forgive, but moreso the ability to move forward. it is a means to a more positive end…and at that end, i assure you will find progress.