just a thought: #5

by iren monkey

i understand the concept of ‘try and try until you succeed’ and ‘there is no harm in trying’, but i really believe that love is an exception. it is said that love is patient and love is kind...but that is all after love is established. when you don’t have the capacity to love, what’s the point in grand gestures, sentimental surprises, and memorable moments directed to a supposed significant other? you build a foundation in their vulnerable hearts that there is a possibility of a future, unbeknownst to them that they are alone traveling towards a hopeful destination. you stand firm in your convictions that you attempted to love them and persuade yourself that you meant no harm, yet the mess you’ve left of them asserts otherwise. it shouldn’t require that many tries to be in love with a person, you either are or aren’t. truly, the noble thing is always to let go as early as possible, not years later when you’ve led them in the wrong direction and with no explanations to guide them home. try swallowing truth for a change; maybe that attempt will have a better probablility of successfully deterring you from harm.