just a thought: #8

by iren monkey

trust is probably both the strongest and the most fragile of intangible things.  it’s crazy how it’s so difficult to earn yet so easy to lose.  it is probably one of the most complex paradoxes of the world.  people have tendencies to take it for granted. but i assure that if people truly valued it the way it should be, the world would be much easier to deal with.  i never understood people who make promises that they don’t plan on keeping.  i mean, do they just want for people to expect the absolute least from them?  rather….expect nothing from them at all?

i always thought that keeping your word was/is one of the basic principles ever taught to you from the beginning of your childhood existence…in no way, shape, or form am i implying that i’ve kept every promise i’ve ever made, but seriously…if you are consistently making empty promises then you are just outwardly lying.  if you can’t be trusted, then please steer clear out of people’s way or at least give them a heads up.  check yourself.  we only have a few days left until the end of the world and we don’t need to be wasting what little time we have left not believing in the goodness of humanity.