2013 resolutions: part 1 (personal)

i’ve asked the girls what their group resolutions were this year and there’s still one person who shall remain nameless **cough Michele cough** who still hasn’t given me hers :/

in lieu of one of my personal resolutions, i decided to just go ahead and make the 2013 resolutions a two part blog.  in this way, i’ve made my personal resolutions known to everyone so that maybe, my friends, y’all can help me keep all of my resolutions for the first time :)

i was an over-achiever this year and made 7 resolutions.  i know it sounds like i’m setting myself up for failure, but i needed to set some high goals for myself given that it’s literally the year after the world ended lol.  without delaying any further, here they are —

  1. always leave a pen and a composition notebook by my bedside.
    i’ve always kept this practice until just a few years ago when i started to live with a boyfriend.  i don’t know if it was me being shy and not wanting him to see me write, or if it was the lack of focus…but i definitely know that throughout the years, i was always inspired to write the moment i got in my bed and saw the notebook on my bedside table.  i wrote a lot of beautiful things back then, i’d like to relive it.  especially now that i don’t have to worry about anyone reading over my shoulder haha.  doing this gives me a pretty good edge at keeping my second resolution…
  2. write a poem everyday.
    i was inspired to do this after reading one of the blogs posted on Hello Giggles.  the author has kept her one resolution for the year and she wrote a poem every single day!  can you imagine writing 365 poems in one year?  i don’t know if i’ve written that many in my lifetime, but i’d love to try it.  my only stipulation would be to not read the poem once it’s already a new day.  so i’ll have all day to write it and all day to edit it, but once the clock strikes 12am, it’s finished.  i think that when the year ends, it’ll be like reading the poetry compilation i’ve always wanted to write all my life.  i think i’ll surprise myself.
  3. just do it.
    i tend to doubt myself into procrastination.  that includes any decision i have to make and it gets pretty annoying.  given that i’m a medically diagnosed person with legit ADHD, procrastination is not conducive to my disorder.  i just end up forgetting what i need to do.  i find that the most effective way to get things done is to not think twice and just do it.  that’s how i passed the NCLEX, that’s how i post my rawest blogs, that’s how i go about working during my 12-hour shift,  and so that’s what i need to do in the rest of my daily life so i don’t feel so chaotic!
  4. move forward and stop bringing up the past.
    it’s great to learn from your past, but it’s not so great to constantly think about it and let it navigate your decisions…i mean, that’s what i would preach to everyone else, but i definitely need to take my own advice.  i can honestly point out that one of my biggest flaws is my inability to willingly forget.  i hold grudges, i brood over pains from the past, and i stay melodramatic over every little hiccup as a defense mechanism.  for some reason i think the anger keeps me from making the same mistake all over again.  i mean, it works, but it is not a way to live.  i gotta start fresh with a clean slate.  proceed with caution, but still move forward.
  5. travel more.
    i went one one vacation last year, something completely foreign to me for as long as i’ve lived.  i usually leave town a few times a year just to unwind, but 2012 was practically all work and no play.  i’m turning 29 this year…the last year of my 20’s!  i gotta live my life and see what’s out there!  does anyone know if i can travel with both the dogs if they both fit inside one flight-approved travel carrier?  just wondering what my options are ;)
  6. choose to be happy.
    i definitely feel that happiness is a choice…moreso now after this last crazy year.  after a good month or so of a rough patch, you gotta do what you gotta do to make yourself happy.  i gotta start focusing on my #1 priority:  myself.  i’ve already gone through the lows, let’s welcome some highs for a change.  it can only benefit me in the long run.  and speaking of change…..
  7. make some big changes.
    i already have a couple of things planned up my sleeve and i cannot wait to sporadically reveal them to you guys as the opportunities come.  the last few events of 2012 truly prepared the right precedence for some of the major changes i’m starting to execute.  all i can say is that i am so excited!

so that’s all of them!

i don’t know what it is about this year,
but i really do feel great about it.

my friend CoolJen says she’ll be 29 forever.  i can’t wait to experience why.

what do you  guys have for your resolutions?
standby for 2013 resolutions:  part 2 (group)!

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