just a thought: #9

by iren monkey

when is it ok to give up? to give up on a dream, a person, a career, a relationship? a year later? three years? THIRTY? while all the world encourages us to never give up on anything, society forgets to teach us that sometimes efforts can be fruitless in the real world. people overlook that sometimes we just have to be realistic and the state of being relentless turns into an annoying facet. i wonder if there’s such a thing as a quarter-life crisis. because whatever it is that i’ve been going through since i turned 25 is definitely filled with a bipolar span of emotions, decisions, and hesitations. i’ve been told by multiple single ladies at my job that once i hit 30, it’ll all get better because i’ll reach a whole new level of self-actualization…it’s when i’ll finally figure out if i truly need to grow up and put the big girl panties on because no one will take care of me but myself…when i have to actually decide what the hell i’m gonna do for the rest of my damn life. but is it wrong to want to be taken cared of by somebody other than the girl in the mirror? better yet, is it taboo to want to be taken cared of by someone who can? i’m not talking about somebody who will shower me with luxuries and shiny things, but somebody who wants to alleviate me from as many problems as he can and be a teammate, a companion, a shoulder to lean on…in a world that thinks every girl is a gold-digger or a triflin’ ho, a regular good girl who just wants to feel a sense of security is always doubted upon. y’all tell me if y’all think differently…yeah, didn’t think so.