just a thought: #10

by iren monkey

you would think that it is pretty common knowledge that when someone treats you well and gives you everything, then you should appreciate that person and never let them go, right? at least, that’s what the movies say…but apparently, that’s a sure-fire reason to do the complete opposite and find the nearest exit. when you’re in a relationship with someone who puts it all on the table and lays everything out for you, clearly it’s a sign for you to turn around and run as far away as possible in the other direction…at least, that’s what I’ve seen from person to person as they surround me…even from the person i see in the mirror. what do people look for nowadays? instability? conflict? drama? excitement?  what I’m sure of — a real future with a companion is not at the top of anyone’s priority list right now. at least, not anyone i know of.  too good to be true?  if it’s amazing now, then what is there to look forward to later?  it’s a domino effect.  he screws her over, she screws him over, he screws him over, she screws her over….again and again.  a world of jaded individuals just infecting everyone around them.  it’s a sad, sad world — and it’s even sadder that we find ourselves just feeling complacent and being completely ok with all that.