just a thought: #11

by iren monkey

i have this weird affinity towards damaged goods.  i can’t get away from them.  it’s like i have this magnetic attraction to these people because i have a burning desire to restore their faith in humanity…i suppose it’s because i don’t have this said-faith.  if that’s the case, it can’t really help the situation because i, myself, am a self-professed member of the Damaged Goods Club.  whether it be in close friends or relationships, i just can’t seem to get close to anyone normal.  i guess because normalcy doesn’t take much work?  normal’s boring?  normal’s overrated?  normal’s not worth the time?……….or as someone has pointed out, normal just isn’t dramatic enough?  it’s all relative, i think…my most interesting friends think i’m pretty normal.  i wake up, go to work, go home, feed the dogs, go to sleep, wake up and do it all over again.  and on days off, i go out and do things that other single twenty-somethings do on a day off.  but amongst the rest of my peers who do the exact same things i do — they claim that i’m one of the most out of the norm persons they know.  if on average, my odds of being normal are pretty 50/50, why is it that 100% of the people i put in 110% for are so screwed up just like me?  with that in mind, what the hell is normal anyway?