just a thought: #12

by iren monkey

why do people have such a childish reaction to rejection?

tears, frustration, and eventually anger…not a soul is immune to it.  the line “it’s _______’s loss” only worsens those reactions.  if you think about it, who’s really feeling the loss right now? that loss that feels like an empty void in your chest?  that lump in your throat?  the pain in the pit of your stomach?  the loss that leaves you in the middle of a beaten path and you can’t find your way back…  

right now…while it matters…it’s you that feels that heavy burden of regret.  you feel remorse and humiliated that you let it get this far

and now you’re at a dead end that makes you turn around to look for another route to happiness — which, by now, feels like a million miles away because you’re lost in your fog of failure…

rejection is the bullet train headed full speed towards regression.  we all fall victim, one way or another.  but it’s alright, just stay in your seat.  we can get off at the next stop.