just a thought: #15

by iren monkey

i think the best circumstances in life are the ones that are unexpected.  as a matter of fact, we can plan all-day-everyday, but it’s inevitable that there will be some sort of hiccup that throws us completely off.  but honestly, i’m a firm believer that everything will always eventually fall into place because there is a Higher Power that makes sure that the universe finds some sort of equilibrium.  by equilibrium, i mean, peace and/or contentment.  that being said, i think staying positive will always be grounds for success.  i’ve never really thought of myself as an optimist nor pessimist. in fact, i’d like to call myself a realist…looking back on my twenties, my successes truly only came about when i hoped for the best and prepared for the worst.  it’s been quite a roller coaster ride but i found that the most inspiring people are those that stay driven, stay focused, and stay positive.  so go ahead and keep your head held high, friends — and say “bring it on, world”…because everything will truly work out in the end.  the world won’t know what hit them.