“Houston to Cali like Robert Horry”

by iren monkey

tomorrow has come….i promised y’all some cool news yesterday and i intend on keeping that promise!   but not before i go on some soapbox monologue on how i came about obtaining said-news to give.

i am, after all, still who i am. 🙂

today marks the start of the first full month i’ll be spending in my new residence in the beautiful city of Los Angeles in sunny California.  i moved here the second week of January and trust me, my friends…

i’ve never felt happier!

i don’t know but for the first time in my life, i’ve seriously felt like i’m steady in the right place at the right time ever since my plane landed.  i always wondered why everyone i’ve met from California has this completely calm and chill attitude, but after merely 24 days of living here, i’ve started becoming one of those calm and chill people…….

by my standards of course, haha.

i’m not about to lie to y’all and start claiming that i’m all Zen’d out now.  but even a blind man can see the drastic change in my demeanor —

some shit just ain’t worth the drama.

even when things don’t go as planned, i welcome everything that comes my way with open arms and things seem to just work itself out anyway.  i, for the life of me, could not wrap my head around that outlook/response/attitude for the last 29 years of my life until now.

shit, i know i’m late to the party, but at least i got here!

i don’t know if it’s because i’m waking up with the sun every single day and i am sun saluting the hell out of life damn-near-daily (shout out to the yogis of the world!)…but i start every single day like it’s gonna be the best day ever and awesome things just coincidentally lay in my path.  some things i’ve never expected or considered, but awesome nonetheless!

in examining the last 24 days, the positive outlook i’ve had in my life has truly made its way into productivity.  if you look at my tagline by my photo to the left, you’ll see a few lines filled with phrases of affirmation that i made up for myself in 2003.  that was back when i was a hopeless-romantic poet and emo Xanga blogger at the ripe young age of 19 years old.

goodness, that girl was amazing.

i used to to live by those words religiously, but at some point, i lost my way.  i spent the last 10 years discovering how to live my life by those words again and i’m psyched that i’ve finally got it.  my friends and family will tell you that anytime anyone ever shares their heart’s desires with me, i always tell them —

“Speak your truth!  You’ll eventually get there!”

i have no earthly idea why i didn’t take my own advice until 3/4 of the way into last year!  i give some good ass advices, but i don’t think i give myself enough credit for them.  then again…i don’t know how much more anyone around me can take of my arrogance, haha.

humble pie is always good, right?

now that i’ve bored you with an inspiring set-up for a Lifetime movie, i think it’s safe to say that you’ve earned the cool news.

NEWS #1:

i’ve never really thought about how far my thoughts and writings could be extended in other mediums, but honestly, anything that allows me the chance to empower anyone/everyone out there who deals with the same daily battles as me, i am just all for it.

as of tomorrow, February 2nd, 2014, i will be a full time personality on my friend Kayla P.‘s podcast called “Getting Dirty @ Ten Thirty”

we will weekly talk about relationships, careers, frustrations, and anything and everything through the eyes of a couple of independent women just living their lives by their own terms and against society’s norms.

i mean, if you’re a solid reader of my blog,
y’all know that’s right up our street my friends!

i’d like to associate it with “The View” except we’ll be uncensored and under the age of 35.  🙂 so tune in if you’re about it!

please like my Facebook page (link is on the sidebar) or follow me on Twitter (floating link on the top bar) for realtime news.  i don’t know exactly what the direct link is, but i’ll know tomorrow and post it on those two social media platforms.

NEWS #2:

later today, February 1st, 2014, i will be a guest on deathsquad.tv’s “Dysentery” podcast with Kayla P. and the show’s host Brian Redban (shout out to Oregon Trail and old Apple computers!).

i have no idea what we’re gonna talk about but honestly, i’m just psyched for some interesting conversation.  i hear that Mr. Redban is quite the character and i’m pretty excited to hear what topics and ideas he comes up with for the episode.

once again, please like my Facebook page or follow me on Twitter for the direct link 🙂

i’m legit excited right now about everything that’s been going on in my life and i can’t wait to discover what else is out there for me.  i’d like to take this time to thank you all out there who faithfully read my words and stay rooting for me to succeed.  i honestly wouldn’t be where i am without this blog and the positivity it’s always brought me.

there’s more to life, my friends!  just continue to stay positive and everything will fall into place!  and just remember —

dreams become reality when you don’t sleep on opportunity. 
live life. no regrets. seek wisdom. strive for excellence. 
positivity brings forth productivity.

with lots of love from your friend,