just a thought: #16

by iren monkey

having a big heart is one of the heaviest burdens to carry — to give out love so limitless for just about everybody, and with no particular rhyme or reason.  some can say it has no standards…but really, it has no conditions. shouldn’t we all follow that? probably the hardest part of everything is trying to figure out if other people are on the same page. I think the population of the world is conditioned to be afraid of possible consequences and overlook how far the benefits outweigh the risks. it’s a legitimate fear that can’t be overcome unless one chooses to trust in the unknown…to have faith…to keep hope afloat.  it’s hard to find people like that…it’s almost so rare that people start to give up and fall into society’s norms and negativity.  i mean, even i almost fell into that as well.  but stay strong, my big-hearted friends.  when they all run out of steam from all their bitching and moaning, they’ll all be too tired to fight.  the best thing about having a big heart? — we never give up on people.