internet power

by iren monkey

ever since i moved out to LA, i haven’t really felt the least bit homesick.  i don’t know if it’s because i’ve just been so on-the-go and haven’t really noticed the difference, or if it’s because my friends have started to take turns flying out to see me.

but either way, i just haven’t felt the least bit of sadness 🙂

last week sort of flew by quickly and proved that opportunities to put myself out there are truly way more available than when i was back home.  i always knew the power of the internet, but i’ve never really experienced it on that grand of a scale.  to say that i was definitely overwhelmed by the feedback is an understatement.

i noticed two absolutely obvious results:

  1. people loved me
  2. people hated me

either way, people took notice.

as consequence of those two observations, scouring through comments, emails, and tweets exposed the flaws in society that i’ve been trying to point out and something we should all try to correct:

  • some people tend to believe that women are bland if they aren’t overly sexual beings
  • people can’t give credit where it’s due without offending others who cannot relate
  • bisexuals are misconstrued as confused, whores, and/or nonexistent
  • a blatant discussion of serious subject matter or an expression of one’s strong opinion is too much for some people and can be interpreted as conceit
  • feminism is still essentially a faux pas

on the other side of the spectrum in criticisms, i live for the encouraging words from the individuals who took it upon themselves to be positive to others and understand that at the end of the day —

it’s also all honest, raw, and uncensored entertainment.

shoutouts to y’all!

that being said, what did all this internet power prove to me?

  • amidst this chauvinistic society, there are still educated men in the world who respect a strong-willed woman
  • the female listeners finally feel like they have a voice even in the atmosphere of a predominantly male audience
  • FURTHERMORE, the people out there who feel exactly like me now feel proud that another person spoke out that regardless of your predisposed handicaps or strongholds that society places on you, no limits can ever be given to you by anyone but yourself
  • and MOST IMPORTANTLY, we can all coexist peacefully and even have a little bit of fun regardless of the color of our skin, the content of our character, and our socioeconomic background

i mean, it merely reinforced that Deathsquad/Dystentery‘s audience is so vast and ranges from all walks of life and many depths of intelligence — what an absolutely amazing platform for everyone who wants to go out into the world and make a difference!

shoutout to Mr. Redban
for being so gracious and accepting,
letting me be on my soapbox on air,
and showering me with delicious food and drinks 🙂

if you haven’t heard the podcast yet, the episode i was in is now available on iTunes so please subscribe to Deathsquad and show it some love 🙂  [listen/download here!]

catch you all on the internet, my friends!

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