just a thought: #17

by iren monkey

having a big heart leaves the door wide open for spreading yourself way too thinly. that being said, it’s also pretty legitimate to believe that each piece of your heart that you give out is overflowing with deep love for the recipient’s tried and true character.  i’ve always teetered around the idea that it was a good thing.  but like most things in life, there’s a positive and a negative aspect that comes with it.  in my own personal observations, i feel that a big heart also leaves plenty of chances to emotionally connect with multiple people at once…which is absolutely fine if you are uninvolved, but it’s nothing short of taboo in romantic relationships…shit, it’s downright abominable per many a common mind.  i think that’s a constant battle i deal with day-to-day.  it’s easy to chastise a person for engaging in physical contact with others, but emotional attachment is far deeper and far more difficult to unlatch from.  is it fair to say that the same qualities i find unattractive or painstaking are qualities i find in myself?   now isn’t that a Pandora’s Box that would be wonderful to explore……