just a thought: #19

by iren monkey

there is no greater mystery than my own wants in life.  sometimes I just want to give up trying to figure myself out for the sake of my own sanity and to not feel hypocritical at times…or worse, a liar…but there is nothing more interesting that the human mind…especially my own.  go ahead and call it self-absorbed — i wouldn’t deny it for a second — but although i have no qualms about admitting to conceit, i don’t feel like a lack of consideration for others is necessarily something that goes hand-in-hand with that.  i don’t know if it’s upbringing…or if it’s something that’s inherent in people…but nothing gives me more frustration than seeing others just flat-out being careless.  careless about who they hurt, careless about what they do, careless about when they do it, and careless about where they place themselves.  yet, the obscurity lies in my inclination to still allow those people in my life.  the paradox that is my web of desires…i couldn’t be more divergent…