just a thought: #20

by iren monkey

it’s so easy to lose yourself in negativity when every day there’s always a battle to fight, a problem to solve, a slump to get over…i get it…but i really don’t understand people’s tendency to spread that negativity to others. it’s like they have this irreparable heart that pumps angry blood in a rolling boil ready to burn anyone in sight. i feel like forgiveness is such a release from that. one can argue that certain people don’t deserve forgiveness, but i truly believe that forgiveness isn’t for others, but instead for ourselves. anger doesn’t really change anything or make any battle, problem, or slump easier to resolve…the only positive thing about it is it’s ironic ability to facilitate beautiful art or revolution…but if it isn’t controlled or used for a greater good, it’s completely useless. i’ve been there…so angry that it hurt…or vice versa? but I can attest that until i had it under control, it was destroying every little bit of me. there is no better life than one lived in peace, trust me. so let it all go, my friends…choose to be happy, always.