just a thought: #22

by iren monkey

people say they hated their teenage years…i personally loved it.  i loved how nothing phased me…and how i spent my days mostly daydreaming and getting lost in the stories in my head.  my imaginary characters were my best friends who never left or disappointed me, so everything everyone else did in the real world were easy to forgive. the beginnings of adulthood consist of the years when dreams were crushed and reality was forced down my throat.  but what is reality?  or rather, what does the general public consider reality?  that our obligations and duties shape who we are?  that there is a general progression of steps that everyone must follow to achieve success/happiness?  in heartbreak, i used to compare myself to “the ex girl and the next girl and the girl he’s fuckin right now”… but everyone’s idea of perfection varies.  i’ve concluded that comparisons are useless when there are no definitive formulas that have consistent results.  so regurgitate everyone else’s reality and stop letting shit phase you.  because while you’re deducing your imperfections, the people who truly care about you think you’re perfect regardless.