just a thought: #23

by iren monkey

there comes a time when you figure out who you can and cannot depend on.  most people in the world have a difficulty in refusing people and leave themselves open for disappointments when the tables turn.  it took a long time for me to accept that some people, no matter how much you have shared together, are just not dependable even in the worst of times. the world could burst out in flames around you and they would still look you in the eye and watch you burn.  most people naturally would react poorly to that discovery and edit, delete, and save those people out of their endings; some will secretly wish that the ability to erase them from memory isn’t a premise saved for books and theatrics as per Eternal Sunshine of a Spotless Mind; and few even resort to whatever act is eventually derived from their anger…but whatever choice you make for yourself, the actions of the world should not prevent you from doing the complete opposite by being there for others anyway…holding yourself responsible for rising above them, above the circumstances, above it all…ultimately, just do better.