just a thought: #24

by iren monkey

it confuses me when i meet people with no specific goal.  it’s one thing to not know what you want for a career just yet, or what you want for lunch that day…but to not have an ounce of drive or determination towards anything at all?  it only makes me wonder even more what makes them get up in the morning, what encourages them throughout the day, and what helps them sleep at night.  you see, i’ve always selectively surrounded myself with people who aspire to inspire.  i’ve always been everyone’s cheerleader; i love to see the people around me thrive, work, and climb life’s mountain to the top with me.  that being said, it’s difficult to see people just breeze through life without any desire for anything more for themselves because then i have nothing to cheer them on for.  i am of no use to them nor are they of use to me.  i don’t know how much of that statement is superficial, but i acknowledge that it may be taken negatively — but everyone struggles in life.  why make the mountain steeper by giving up after a few failures?  or worse yet, not even trying all.