new year, same us

by iren monkey

today has been quite a rocky beginning for 2015.  not because of any emotional end to 2014, but because of my overzelous behavior last night to celebrate the end of a great year and the beginning of an even more promising one.  haha, needless to say, water, my bed, and (per usual) my patient dog, Biggie, were my best friends today and for always.

2014 was a huge year for me.

i think, probably, one i could consider the best.

it was big for my life, my heart, and my soul.  

it was the year i finally let go of a lot of things that held me back: persons of my past, obligations, hangups, grudges, or anything that burdened me for far too long.

i even let go of worrying/caring too much.  i meant to write a blogpost about it during lent, but it’s become quite difficult for me to keep up with the blog as well as i’d intended.  i didn’t really realize until now the massive amounts of brain power that adjusting to The City of Lost Angels and dream chasing sucks out of me.  but yeah, i gave up worrying/caring for lent and it just extended to the rest of the year…and even more, my life.

i also let go of planning.  i live my life now literally one day…nay, one moment at a time (cue Whitney).  the only things that enter my calendar are days that i must go into The Day Job, family/friends’ very important events, and meetings.  otherwise, i do whatever it is that feels right at the moment.  unfortunately, that means i’m almost always late (as if it wasn’t already bad before), if not, MIA.  in that way, i have way more time for myself and definitely rejoice in it.

and if it wasn’t already evident?  it was the year i literally packed what i could in two suitcases, left my hometown for good, and moved in with my estranged cousin of 3 years with no sense of permanence whatsoever.  even my job wasn’t permanent, hell, i wasn’t even on a lease until June!  yet, i’ve loved every single minute of 2014 where i spent every waking moment liberating myself from unnecessary commitment.

if it may seem that i lived all year without definite goals, i beg to differ. let’s look back at my life resolutions that i posted on my “happy lunar year!” blogpost, shall we?

  • write poetry
  • travel
  • look for learning experiences
  • be open to every opportunity
  • choose to be happy

i pretty much check off on all that this past year 🙂

most importantly, that last one!  i mean, i didn’t travel as often as i wanted because of time constraints and financial decisions i’ve made…but i had a pretty full experience driving alone and exploring California for 3 days for my 30th birthday.  i couldn’t say i’ve ever experienced anything of that caliber when i compare it with any international trip i’ve made in my life.  i don’t know if it was because i was solo, or if it was because i went into it with no expectation…but it was so significant and validating for me that it’s hard for me to put it into words.  i suppose i could say that’s also one of the reasons i still haven’t finished my QRST Party series, but i seriously promise…it’s coming, my friends!  i can’t keep anything that wonderful to myself for too long.  it wouldn’t be fair.

i can’t count how many wonderful things happened in my life last year, but i can say that i can’t remember one bad thing that’s so horrible that i lose sleep over it.  practicing a positive outlook really can change your life if you let it.  i’m such an example of that.

i know last year i decided that i would have life resolutions that i can always carry over year after year, but when i came home for the holidays, my bestfriend Felisa urged me to make a vision board.  she said that making goals and placing them on something that i can see every single day increases my chances of following through with it by 80%.  i don’t know how exact those statistics are, but it’s worth a try.  i haven’t made the vision board yet, but i did make an outline of what i wanted on it.

  • sell scripts
  • see family in Europe
  • visit more museums
  • spend on experiences and not on tangible things

i’ll go ahead and add those to my life resolutions, thank you 😉

i can’t wait to discover what 2015 has for all of us!  it feels good, y’all.  and i’m so thankful that i have you guys to share my journey with.


happy new beginnings, my friends!