just a thought: #25

by iren monkey

for the last thirty years that i’ve breathed this air and lived on this Earth, i’ve realized that you can never say anything definitive without risk of taking it back, or worse, hypocrisy.  that being said, i understand why some people will choose silence or avoidance when it comes to most things.  i almost always do the same…mostly because i hate being wrong.

yet, there’s only a few issues i don’t bend on in life — racism, human rights, and basic principles.  i don’t see why/how anyone can stand either indifferent and/or silent during situations where any or all of those three are ever questioned or challenged.  i find people who choose that route to be cowards and the worst type of enemy because silence implies consent. i question their motives, their substance as a member of society, and their significance in my life.  i believe that silence, with no signs of conviction or stance, is more offensive than direct antagonism.

with the events that were brought to light by media these past few months…nay, years…nay, decades…on police brutality, clear racial profiling, and most of all, sheer disrespect for the human race that still exists until now…silence is no longer an option.

ignorance is not bliss…stand on the right side of the ground, my friends.  shit, stand on the right side of history.