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by iren monkey

DISCLAIMER:  this post talks about religious customs.  i usually do my best against shoving my beliefs onto others because it only ends up being counterproductive, but the way i look at it, if something works, why not share it, right?  so if this post is going to offend you, i’m merely making a suggestion to those trying to quit something.  you’re more than welcome to not continue from here.

people have a love-hate relationship with self-control. growing up, i absolutely despised it because my mom would make me feel like my lack of self-control was directly proportionate to my lack of maturity.  i can say now that to a certain extent —

she was pretty accurate.

it took me years to realize that my abhorrence wasn’t due to the concept of self-control, but more so, due to the fact that i was being controlled.  let’s just say, i have a problem with authority…but that’s a whole different subject matter that needs not any attention at this time. nowadays, i’ve grown to actually love self-control to the point of obsession.  i’ve examined my life over and over and can admittedly and acceptingly say that i have a pretty addictive personality.  i’ve had my ups and downs with addictions — whether it be minor things like foods and social media, or major things like extracurricular activities and substances that could be detrimental to my health.  but that in mind, i’ve learned to take notice of the signs early on before it’s too late and divert my behavior.

instead of obsessing over an object or an activity, i obsess over controlling it.

i’ve found that one of the best ways to exercise self-control is during Lent. i literally look forward to it every year!  not only does it precede my favorite holiday, Easter, but it’s quite possibly the best custom i’ve observed in the Catholic religion.  though i’m not Catholic, i like to apply bits and pieces of different philosophies if it serves my life positively.  let’s just call it like it is — i try to be a better version of me everyday, so anything that can help with that is greatly recognized.

as far as Lent, the main point is to give up a vice.

for 40 days and 40 nights, you refrain from something unproductive that usually takes up the majority of your life.  in doing so, it becomes a tool to strengthen your relationship with God.  no matter what you choose to quit, it’s replaced with prayer/meditation.  from personal experience, the follow-through in quitting is much easier when you use that approach.

seems simple enough, yes?

if you happen to be one of my SnapChat followers/friends, you shouldn’t be the least bit surprised that it’s my Lent 2015 choice.  you already know that on a drunken night, it gets pretty excessive.  i’ve even gone so far as annoyed the hell out of friends and family because i can’t seem to just enjoy an event without adding another 10 seconds into My Story.  when i took notice that i started my Snaps with —

“Welcome to the Iren Show!”

i just knew it had to stop.

i can’t lie, i started and ended my day with Snapchat, so for the first few days, i was definitely fiening.  one too many times, i’ve caught myself saying —

“aww man!  i can’t Snap this!” 

so i’m pretty confident in my choice to keep the obsession at bay.

although most of the things that i’ve quit during Lent i’ve actually quit for the rest of my life (i.e. cigarettes, Facebook), i’m not making drastic decisions and planning to quit SnapChat forever.   i am just hoping to keep my stories under 50 seconds come Eastertime.

that’s a 5 story minimum.

you would think it shouldn’t be that hard…

so if you are participating in Lent this year, what did you give up, my friends?  i’d love to hear about it and share in your struggle.

until the next season of Iren Show on April 5, 2015…

Fish on Fridays, y’all!

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