just a thought: #26

by iren monkey

it’s completely natural to take the pain of the past and remember the lessons, but we also need to keep in mind that studying the past is one thing, but living in it is something completely different.  granted, i wouldn’t change a thing that’s ever happened because that’s what’s shaped me as a person…but knowing that something innate will always want what’s best for me is what gives me comfort and a clean slate during the present.

i think that if every person spends enough time examining their lives and the progression of their pasts, they would realize that their gut instincts repeatedly warned them against a lot of avoidable pain…and they just chose to ignore the signs.  at least, i know that’s the case with me.  if only i paid attention to my instincts a little more, i would’ve saved myself a lot of heartache.

so regardless of past or unknown future…the concept of living is truly being mindful of the present and what’s happening around us right now.  no matter what life throws at us, just trust that your instincts will always know exactly what to do…so just live, my friendslive without pain.