just a thought: #27

by iren monkey

it seems common knowledge to most people — and damn-near instinct — to look out for their own selves.  unfortunately, finding a balance between loving myself and loving others has always been something dificult for me.  it’s never an issue of deciphering the degree of love to give, thanks to my extremist temperament…but rather, of realizing when i need to finally put myself first.  so when i meet others with the same painstaking, overly selfless, borderline martyrlike personality…i hurt for them.  i know the heaviness, the stress, and the constant sadness for everyone else that competes with the driving force inside to want to help the world.  i want to say that we shouldn’t continue to be this way, but i struggle with that concept myself.  if we don’t care about everyone else’s well-being, then who will?  i truly believe that the big heart epidemic should be a worldwide phenomenon — maybe then, we won’t have to balance anything…maybe then, we’ll finally see that loving others is loving ourselves…and maybe then, we won’t have to hurt anymore.