just a thought: #28

by iren monkey

(i suppose this can be considered a golden thought…28th on the 28th?  haha.)

i’ve always believed that a genuine connection is the fundamental goal/need in human interaction.  i honestly don’t know how some people can go about their lives and have meaningless interactions with one another and be completely fine with it…and be so self-absorbed that learning from someone else and sharing thoughts on life in general are absolutely last on their list of priorities!  seriously, what is an existence with no fruit or purpose when they encounter other human beings?  is the hunger or desire for improving one’s self considered “too much of a hassle”?  i’m a firm believer in kindred spirits.  i suppose i used to believe in a soulmate…but i realized after a few years that believing that your soul only yearns for one leaves a limit on what your soul can do.  no one can really learn and grow with just one person.  i think that there are way too many encounters with others in one day that there are more chances of meeting kindred spirits that you can learn from, little by little.  as extreme as this may sound, maybe even slightly on the radical side, but all those interactions give us a better chance of being better human beings if we actually made sure the interactions meant something to one another.  i’m always drawn to people who inspire me…i meet a lot of people all the time, and i do pretty poorly in remembering names — but for some reason, inspiring people leave a mark so large that i remember every detail of our paths crossing.  i learn so much when i meet people like that…in learning more about them, i learn more about myself.  it may sound idealistic, yet completely predictable coming from me…but if everyone felt that way, i think the world would be such a perfect place.  so here’s to hoping that “if” comes true one day, my kindred spirits…