just a thought: #29

by iren monkey

it’s come to my attention that i suffer from quite a significant fear of responsibility.  i once thought that it was my underlying fear of commitment or permanence…but my ability to actually dedicate myself to other important things (i.e. people/career) argues otherwise.  it’s hard to watch people i care about choose to be unhappy…and when i see them complain or toil over stacks of bills and listen to their filled up messages in their voicemail from collectors and such…it just resonates in my head that I DON’T WANT IT.  that being said, it irritates me when people say “that’s life…” or “that’s what being an adult is about”…because clearly, getting older is inevitable…but being unhappy is a choice.  and for the most part, much of the world’s unhappiness stems from unnecessary responsibilities that people walk right into blindly.  i’m not saying to avoid responsibility that’s already been long bestowed upon you…but instead to avoid further responsibility that you need not acquire to live a fulfilled life — i don’t know how much of that sounds selfish or disregarding…but much to my surprise, it’s the only thing in my life outside of my fundamental values that i am truly unapologetic about.  i think that if more people actually considered their needs versus their wants when it comes to things of this world, there’d probably be less dissatisfaction on the daily….but then again, needs are subjective right?

i don’t know about you, my friend, but i don’t need a life where i live to work nor one where i wake up to a day that feels like a burden…so i leave you with this question —

“what do you really need in your life?”