just a thought: #32

by iren monkey

sometimes i have to really take a step back and consider that not everyone has the capacity to be automatically introspective.  i’m not saying that i had it all down pat from the moment i came out of the womb, but i’d like to think that i had enough sense to work on it after enough people approached me about it.

i’m a firm believer in no fucking excuses.  that’s literally something i apply to everything in my life as well as an expectation i have of others…case in point, i’ve been told that i can be pretty hard on everyone in my social and familial circles.

in reality, it’s all in the approach.  “quick to listen and slow to speak” has always  been a difficult feat for me — but once i had the practice, i found that my relationships became more of a blessing than a burden.  deciding to transform expectations into objectives and reminding myself that not everyone has the same foundation or situation in life kept me looking for ways to build up instead of tear down.

i mean, that’s why we’re all here right?   at least, that’s the purpose i’d rather focus on.