by iren monkey

there’s something eerie about how calm and at home i feel at the airport while my flight is delayed.  though i’ve traveled more than the average American, it only brings me to the tree falling in the forest philosophy…

if i travel and no one saw the video and photos, did i really go?

hey, it’s 2016, right?

i’ve been tinkering with the prospect of chronicling my adventures around the world for a few years now, but haven’t quite decided what medium i’d go with.  i’ve attempted to go the traditional blogging route with photographs, but it seems that my perfectionism paired with procrastination has turned into my largest hinderance, haha.

i’ve consulted with a few friends that are avid YouTube creators and they were supportive of the idea of me joining the community.  i don’t know why it feels so unnatural given that i pretty much vlog my way through my trips via SnapChat, but i’ve been quite hesitant to jump into it full force (regardless of all the resources i have available to get it going).  i gather it’s due to a fear that i will lose who i am by attempting a new medium…a risk that i’m not too sure i’m willing to take.

in addition, i was a lot more into it when i had gotten my twoyearroommate/LAbestie/brotherfromanothermother OJ to agree to do a joint venture for our shared love of travel…but when that took forever to get started, the enthusiasm slowly faded away.

the push to try again comes from an unlikely, yet refreshing source — my maternal cousin, Mary.  she and her twin sister are attending universities at two different cities in Europe, and with no question, she decided to post videos of her daily life.  this comes as a surprise because she has always been the introvert between the two, yet in just a few videos, she’s made my supposed “risk” the smallest of issues.

i think the best way to get myself to go through with the plan is to make sure i am accountable via announcement on this beloved platform.  so here i go, an announcement.

my relaunch…kinda.

stay tuned for blogs and vlogs
found in the section above entitled “life of i”
but in warning, there is no timeline at the moment 🙂