a letter to the world…

by iren monkey

DISCLAIMER: This was initially a text written for my family and important females in my life…then I realized that it’s meant for the rest of the world. Please refrain from bigoted, racist, and ignorant remarks on my comments, it will be deleted and you will be blocked.

today is a weird morning, girls. 

it’s very surreal because i am truly scared for my life.  i walk everyday to the train station alone and walk amongst many strangers also up at the crack of dawn and heading in whatever direction.  in previous days, i am completely engulfed in my music and trying to wake up to get the day started.  starting today, i walk with the paranoia that a strange man will fill his head with horrific thoughts — that because he is white and moderately upper class, he can assault me, impregnate me, and still be absolved of all sin because i am the one who will be prosecuted because i aborted his sick spawn. 

is this what women in the Middle East feel like?  that to be safe, i must cover my body and my face?  that the shackles of oppression are really made to protect me?  or do i still continue to be at risk for hateful crimes because choosing to cover my body would make me appear Muslim and this is a world of Islamaphobia.  do not kid yourself, world…this is a dangerous place if you are female, queer, non-white, Muslim, or all the adjectives and statuses that make you different.

this is a very fearful time in our country and i can’t say that I am proud to be an American at this moment, especially as a non-white female and a child of immigrants.   how do I hold my head high at the thought that when I get off work, i have to do it all over again. 

walk alone to the train station surrounded by strange men…and attempt to feel safe while knowing that half of them agree with the man that was voted in yesterday.