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always do better than yesterday.

i married my husband twice last year.

and it was both the best decisions of my life. the first time exactly one year ago.


#GD1030: The Connection

some travel exploration and self-reflection from your two favorite girls 🙂  Ant couldn’t make it this time, so excuse us for the lack of sexcapade subject matter in his absence…but please comment below if you have any questions about what we talked about.

until the next one, friends!

#GD1030: The Comeback

the reboot happened last night!  and we were entirely way too excited to give updates.  haha.  hope you guys stay tuned for future episodes.

things seen/mentioned:

please comment below if you guys wanna know about something else that we talked about. 🙂

until the next broadcast, my friends!

from Sunday | 06.22.14


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